Death, Debt & Divorce

Death, debt and divorce—one of which is inevitable, the other two having great probability in our lives. I have learned during my 35 years in the real estate business that these are three of the most important issues that must be addressed when folks are buying or especially selling real estate. All three need to be planned for Read more about Death, Debt & Divorce[…]

1st Quarter Sales Report for Area 41 – Southeast Denton County

In previous issues, we talked about Area 41. If you remember, Southeast Denton County, in REALTOR® vernacular, is called Area 41. Years and years ago, BC (that’s Before Computers), area REALTORS® organized the various real estate markets in the MetroPlex. In doing so, Southeast Denton County became Area 41. (See the map below.) Roughly the boundaries are 35W on the Read more about 1st Quarter Sales Report for Area 41 – Southeast Denton County[…]

10 Easy Spring Cleaning Hints & Updates

Ten easy spring cleaning hints and upgrades—that’s today’s topic. We are almost halfway through the spring season; summer begins June 20. Going by the daily temperatures, I always think that summer begins in May in Texas. (I’m from Minnesota originally.) Using these ten ideas, not much money and just a bit of elbow grease, you Read more about 10 Easy Spring Cleaning Hints & Updates[…]