One of the Reasons I Love America

It’s Monday, already April 16, can you believe it, only 252 days until Christmas (I have an app for the number of days ‘til Christmas on my iPhone, so cool.) But that’s not the topic today. I was listening to my internet radio last week and found out that Grackle Days was happening in Winthrop, Read more about One of the Reasons I Love America[…]

Real Estate: Here and There

Just some interesting factoids about real estate this week. Average House Sizes and Occupancy – USA Year Avg. Home Size Sq. Ft. Avg. Household Size-Persons 1950 983 3.37 1960 1,200 3.33 1970 1,400 3.14 2001 1,693 2.58 2006 2,394 2.60 2011 2,135 2.58 For years the average square footage went up while the number of Read more about Real Estate: Here and There[…]