Free Pancakes !!

Short StackWho said TANSTAAFL? (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) You just have to know how to work the system

A recent article I read got me to thinking about “hidden discounts.” They are kind of like the off the menu things you can order at Starbucks® or at IN-N-OUT Burgers. If you don’t know the secret, you’re just stuck with the menu and the stated prices.

Well, here are some of the things I know. (I can’t tell you all of them or else I wouldn’t be able to order and confuse you when you’re next in line behind me.) 🙂

Check your receipts. Free pancakes are available at IHOP. Many times when you eat there, you get an extra receipt asking you to fill out their survey. Just go online or call in within three days and “Bob’s Your Uncle,” free pancakes. The secret within the secret—many IHOPS will let you substitute something else for the pancakes. And as long as you are there ask to join their club. You get a free meal on your birthday and anniversary!

Many restaurants have their own clubs now. You have to put up with a little email marketing but you only open the ones with the free or discounted meals. My wife and I ate at Mimi’s this morning and one of the meals was free!

Join Kroger’s Plus Card to get better prices on many of their featured items and 10¢ off Shell gasoline once you get to a 100 points in a month (which isn’t hard.) The secret within the secret—if you are 55 or older you get an additional 10% off of Kroger brand items! Hey, 10% is 10%!

Check those weekly flyers—coupons abound. Like anything else, some are great and some, well you’ll recognize those. If you are sharp and spend the time, it’s not impossible to get $100.00 worth of stuff for $10.00 or less. I am amazed at what an expert coupon shopper can do.

More merchants are getting in sync with smartphones. Had lunch with my daughter the other day (you get the idea I eat out a lot?) and the waiter was able to pull the coupon number off of her smart phone email account. You don’t even have to carry the coupons.

The grocery stores will let you go online and load their coupons right on your rewards card. They scan, you buy, there’s the discount!

So head’s up, there are deals out there. Contact us with the best deal you’ve found and I’ll share it in a future article.